05 February, 2015

Does it get any better than this?

I was a little nervous about running yesterday but it was a GREAT run!  My breath was almost back to normal and I didn't need any extra puffs.  I ran at least 80% of the time and maybe more.  And, most importantly, no pain.  I have a teensie twinge this morning in my toe, but otherwise I feel great.  I'm going to skip the run today and just walk instead and then run again tomorrow.  Then next week I should be able to do consecutive days, with of course a skip on knitting Tuesday.

So -- great run.  And then I finished up with my itinerary!  I am not done booking hotels or trains, but I have finally finally figured out the last week.  That was a huge load off my shoulders and now I can just enjoy the anticipation of seeing old and new things in 11 weeks (but who's counting)?  Here's what I finally decided -- after Florence we'll do three days in Monterossa, then on Sunday we'll get up early and take a train to Genoa and from there catch a train to Geneva and have a beautiful trip through the Alps.  It should be absolutely stunning.  We'll get to Geneva Sunday evening, spend 2 nights -- I think one day in Geneva is quite enough.  Tuesday morning we'll head back to Paris and spend three nights there, taking off Friday morning for home.  That's a lot of traveling when you think about it -- 3 flights and 5 train rides.  Fly to Paris, fly to Venice, train to Florence, train to Monterrosa, train(s) to Geneva, train to Paris, fly back home. 

I was in a terrific mood when I got home, rain notwithstanding.  To cap the day off there was a new knitting magazine in the mailbox.  AND I didn't have to cook dinner.  Nice.  I got my hair done and knit on my TV knitting project for a while.  Then after dinner I downloaded a new book and read to the soothing sound of rain.  I brought my knitting today because it's pouring rain and I'm only going to walk for a bit, so I can get some knitting done on the Jo's Pride at lunchtime. 

Speaking of knitting -- my schedule is still off because of the move from Wednesday to Tuesday.  I kept thinking it was Thursday yesterday.  Quite annoying to realize there's one more day to go.

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