12 February, 2015

Arrangements for Tink

What are my options?  House sitter would be best, but we live SO far out that it's unlikely.  At least the one I know and used before is not an option.  Option #2 is a kennel.  And that's not ideal.  First of all it's expensive and secondly I don't like to think of her being in a kennel for three whole weeks.  Ah well then, what's left?  Send her to stay with a friend!  I have a friend who has two Westies because she fell in love with my Westie that she took care of while I was in Paris for those six months.  They have two, older than Tink.  Hopefully they can take her.  I suggested we do a trial run, since the older of her dogs has been sick.  I hope it works out.

I ran yesterday and had a pretty good run!  I took an entire minute off my first mile, which is awesome.  I did get a twinge in my ankle at 1.25 miles, but walked it off and was able to finish up.  Today I'll walk for an hour - up and back to get Tink some food.  And tomorrow run again.  This is slow going, but I am feeling more confident that I'll get back to it sooner rather than later.

I wasn't in the mood to knit last night.  I watched a silly movie and went to bed early to read.  I didn't last long.  I am sure I can finish up that Incentive scarf this weekend.  I would like to take advantage of the extra day off to get all of those things blocked.  I must make it happen.

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