17 February, 2015

A nice long weekend

Well mine was a bit longer even, because I woke up on Friday with a very sore eye.  I couldn't get my contacts in and it wasn't looking great, so I stayed home, off the computer and all was well by the end of the day.

The unseasonable weather continued all weekend.  Tinkie got lots of nice walks in the park.  I frogged the Incentive wrap and started over.  I could see that I wasn't going to nearly use up all the yarn and it wasn't big enough.  So I'm modifying the pattern a bit and doing it like the Venomous Tentacula - working increases until I've used one skein and working decreases with the other skein.  Plus I'd made too many mistakes in the edging.  It was driving me crazy.

It was Valentine's weekend.  I allowed myself a few minutes to remember - fifteen years ago.  Fifteen!  Amazing.  I had a somewhat busy day with dinner guests coming and a hair appointment.  But the dinner was cooked in the slow cooker so that was pretty easy.  I found a video to fold napkins in the shape of a heart, which was so cute.   We ate lamb shanks and had homemade ginger snaps for dessert and drank SO much wine!  But that's what Sundays are for - a nice long sleep in.

Lots of knitting on the wrap during my day off and more long doggie walks.  It was a pretty quiet day otherwise.  My hands are sore from the amount of knitting I've done in the past three days.  Today is noon knitting, so no running although it's a shame because it's going to be a gorgeous afternoon.  Still, I suspect it'll be nice all this week, so plenty of chances left for this week.

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