18 February, 2015

Wednesday already

I love the short weeks.  It's Wednesday already!  I'm going to run today.  I had to cancel Noon Knitting yesterday because so many people were out and we still have lots of people out again.  Funny how people seem to disappear and have unexpected "emergency" trips when the administrator is on vacation.   But at least the chairman's secretary is in today so I can go out at noon.

The weather is cold cold cold in the morning and getting fairly warm in the afternoon.  I feel kind of bad about it considering that there is so much snow in the northeast.  And they're getting hit again today, according to the weather report I saw last night.  We basically had no winter at all to speak of.  Those few weeks in November was it - and that's not even technically winter.

I worked on the Incentive shawl last night while watching part of the SNL 40 (!) year anniversary special that I had recorded.  It's quite long so I only watched about half of it before I threw in the towel and headed for bed.  And Tink, even though she went out before bed, got up at 1:30 and after drinking water and eating, insisted on going outside.  She had to go, but she was quite distracted by the fresh scent of some critter or other.  She was sniffing and running back and forth.  I am glad the long line is solid.  If I had let her go she would have been long gone.  I wonder what she would do if she came up against a deer - assuming a deer would let her get that close at all.  Or it could just be a mouse.  We have caught seven - yes, *7* - mice in the last week.  Not inside the house mind, but in the garage.  That's a lot!  But it has been cold at night so I suppose they come in looking for warmth.  There's no food in there - except in the traps!  Aha!

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