10 February, 2015


For some reason my ankle was very sore yesterday and twinge-y.  I wonder if I twisted it when I was running with Tink on the weekend?  Whatever, I couldn't run since I was limping around the office.  I did go out for a walk at least.  Now today it's not hurting so hopefully tomorrow I can go out at lunchtime.  Today is noon knitting.

The unseasonable weather persists, warm and wet.  If it's not raining it's misty.  The ground is soggy and the gutters are running high.  The deer must be out in force too because Tink just goes nuts when we are outside, nose to the ground.  At least I don't need the flashlight in the evenings any more so it's easier to handle her. 

I downloaded an app yesterday called UntilAgo -- it's a countdown timer.  So now I know that it's 66 days, 7 hours and 12 minutes until we take off for Paris.  Fun.  My goal is to get the rest of the rail reservations done this week.  We'll see how I do.  I have been having trouble with goals lately.

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