09 February, 2015

The birds

They're back.  I heard birds singing this morning when I was walking out the door.  We'd better get some real winter weather here pretty shortly or spring is just going to be here before we are ready.  I already noticed pink trees and leaves budding on the smaller shrubs.  I am not ready for spring.  I still want evenings with a fire going. 

It actually didn't rain all through the weekend and Sunday was quite nice, so we took a long long walk along the Samammish river from Woodinville park south.  There were tons of people walking their dogs and lots of bikes too.  If you continue on that path it goes to Marymoore park.  Tink was having a ball.  She really loved all of the new smells. 

I got all of my running around done on Saturday with the exception of a little food shopping.  That was taken care of on Sunday and then .... no football.  So I did laundry and knit and just relaxed.  It was quite nice although I wish I'd been a little more productive.  Well, there's plenty of time for that now, isn't there?

Friday I got the last of the accommodations taken care of and now this week I need to get the last few rail reservations nailed down.  And then I'll start reading up in depth about each place so I can start figuring out what exactly we'll be doing with all that time. 

It was too wet and stormy to run on Friday and it looks like I'll have a good day for it today.  I want to do at least three times this week.  Fingers crossed.

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