24 February, 2015

Good intentions and all that

I didn't run after all yesterday.  It was a gorgeous day and I had every intention of doing it, but then my ankle twinged a bit and I thought it might be better to just walk.  And so I did.  I took the exams to upper campus and then continued on through to Red Square and down around the statue then back to my office.  Not quite three miles but quite nice.  Sunny and cold so that I was glad to be back inside. 

Tink and I had a nice quiet evening.  I had gotten a spinach and kale pie from Trader Joe's and that was my dinner, with some really nice chardonnay.  Now that is a girlie meal right there.   Plenty of knitting and some silly TV rounded out the night.  A little after 7 she wanted to go outside, as usual.  But she wanted a real walk so I bundled up and got the flashlight and out we went.  The sky was so clear and the stars were beautiful.  She didn't want to stay out long though, that's for sure.  Same with this morning.  Got out, got her business done and then back inside.  It's going to cloud up and it will be warmer later this week.

I was not sure about coming in to work today, but it's knitting Tuesday!  I woke with a sore throat but I just figured it was allergies or something.  It seems to be lingering.  I may have to go home.  Let's see how the morning progresses.  Maybe once I get a cup of tea in me and a bite to eat .....

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