03 February, 2015

Six more weeks

According to the groundhog we're in for six more weeks of winter.  Considering that we have only had a couple of weeks of cold weather, and that in November mostly, I say bring it on!  There are already daffodils blooming near my bus stop here on campus.  I saw some cherry trees with blossoms on them.  I heard frogs a couple of nights ago!  I'd like a little more winter before spring pops up.  I don't feel like getting out into the garden quite yet.

It was do nothing Monday so all I did was shower and cook and knit.  I was expecting a clean house but they never showed up!  Never called either which is very strange and unprofessional as well.  Hopefully they'll get there today.  If not I am going to look for someone else. 

Noon knitting today and hopefully I'll get another couple of rows done on the Jo's Pride.  If I only work on that thing here at work it'll take me a year to finish it.  I've been busy on my TV knitting project plus I got a couple skeins of Koigu for a new pair of socks.  Socks are also TV knitting and I really need a new pair of hand knitted socks.

What else .... still needing to finish my itinerary and get some other reservations made but I can't find the mojo.  Maybe later this week.

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