17 February, 2016

Again with the birds

I really heard them this morning.  They're cranking up.  Pretty soon they'll be so loud in the morning that I'll have to put the pillow over my head to sleep.  And oh I can see so many bushes and trees starting to bud and bloom.  Springtime!  It makes me happy.

Yesterday was my early day because of my 5 o'clock meeting.  But I got out of here even earlier because the nasty smell started at 1 o'clock and I wasn't going to just sit here and take it.  Especially since I had nothing pressing to do and I would much rather be on the way home.  So I took off, got a good connecting bus, stopped at the store for a couple of things and headed home.  Tink and I immediately headed to bed for a much needed nap, considering I had had a bad night Monday night.  The meeting didn't go much over 6 and I was done with dinner by 7.  I felt like watching some Firefly so that's what I did and knit some on the lace front cardigan.  I'm well over half way of the 2nd of 20 lace pattern repeats.  It goes quite quickly.  I had a much better night last night.  Oh, and I love love love my lavender eye pillow.  It really helps me drop off to sleep.  I had a nasty headache and when I warm it up it helps sooth that as well.

It's Wednesday already and noon knitting today.  A meeting at 2.  That's pretty much it.  Oh lordy I am so ready to be quit of this place. 

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