23 February, 2016

No flashlight needed

This morning is so clear (and cold) that I didn't even need the flashlight when I took Tink for her 6:30am potty walk.  Of course, this is going to change soon when we turn the clocks forward, but more light in the evening is okay with me as well.  Last night I wanted to go to bed as soon as it got dark, which is not good considering it's full dark at 6:30.  I had a very very busy day yesterday.  Three meetings and in between lots and lots of work.  So by the time I got home I was not in the mood to do anything at all.  I gave Tinkerbell her walk, had my shower, put in a load of towels and watched a movie.  In the middle of the movie I heated up some of that gorgeous soup I had made last week - the leek and cauliflower soup and we ate it on the couch, drinking it out of mugs as we watched "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".  Here's hoping I can stay up a little later tonight, eh?

I've got meetings starting at 4, so I'm out of here today at 1:30 or so and I've got plenty between now and then to get done.  We're having a lock down meeting for the MBB block, which starts the Tuesday after my retirement date.  Yeah.  I'll keep that information to myself for a little while longer. 

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