22 February, 2016

Nine weeks

It was a happy weekend.  Rather busy but there was a lot of good knitting done as well.  In fact, I had to stop knitting last night and just cuddle down for a movie because my right hand was tingling.  That is because this project I am doing has a long (double) row of purling.  My hand is still sore this morning.  This is unfortunate because I have 17 more 20 row repeats to go.  I need to toughen up!

We had a party Saturday night and it was quite fun.  I had a full day of beauty -- hair and nails -- so that took up the majority of the day.  The party was held in a party room at the local distillery and I had given myself permission to have some of their whiskey.  The first alcohol in four weeks!  It tasted gorgeous but I did have a bit of a headache the next morning. 

Sunday we had a family get together and it was a long day.  I had laundry going and so we got home a little after five and I did get most of my laundry done.  Tonight I'll get the rest done.  And I watched a movie until nearly 10 when I had to shut if off to get to bed, since today is one of my early mornings.  Eight o'clock meetings are a drag but there ya go. 

It's a meeting kind of week.  And the week ends with a 2 o'clock dental appointment to take care of the botched filling I got earlier.  It's going to be a crown.  Yuk.  But it needs to be done so Friday is the day.  Think of me and give me strength. 

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