11 February, 2016

It looks and sounds like spring

Last Sunday I noticed the frogs croaking - the first I've heard.  And then I notice birdsong in the morning and it's light enough to see the stairs when I leave the house.  And then today, I saw my first daffodil blooming in a pot as I passed into the Health Sciences Building.  The weather is mild and wet and I think we've just gone another year without a real winter.  No matter, the mountains got snow and I hear that the skiing is good, so there will be no drought this summer.  I had just wished for some snow.  Ah well.

At noon knitting yesterday I noticed a disturbing thing.  Seems that the yarn I am using for the lace front cardigan comes from at least two dye lots.  Bummer.  I got twelve skeins and when I was winding them I fleetingly thought about checking the dye lots but alas, I did not.  And so we have a cardigan with at least one odd stripe.  It isn't at all even noticeable when I'm knitting at home, but get it into bright light, like MaryEllin's conference room, and it shows up.  I won't take it out.  Not my style. 

I don't have much to do today.  I was busy yesterday but I have no meetings today and I'm just sitting and waiting for input on a couple of projects.  I wish I could just stay home on days like today.  What is the point?  I tell you, if I had my laptop with me at home, I would have stayed there today.  But as it is, I left it here because I didn't have a bag.  Tomorrow I've got to come in because I've got an 8 o'clock meeting and Monday is a holiday.  Not good form to work from home on the Friday before a long weekend.  Pretty soon though .... not an issue.

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