16 February, 2016

Did we all have a nice Valentines Day?

You know me ... Valentines Day is my special day.  I reflect.  I remember.  I heave a sigh or two.  I still wrestle with the cake thing -- If you had a slice of the best cake in the world in front of you, the only one in the world, would you eat it and know what you were missing for the rest of your life?  Or would you pass on it, not wanting the pain of missing it to be with you all of your life?    Not quite Schrodinger's Cat but still a philosophical question to ponder.  Okay okay -- don't nitpick.  Schrodinger's Cat is not a philosophical question - more of a paradox.  But you get the gist.  And love is eternal.  And timeless.

And here's another thing on the subject of love -- I believe it's not the people who love you, but the people you have to love that makes a good life.  I have lots of people to love and for that I am very very grateful.

So -- the weekend was, you guessed it, relaxing.  The weather was crap.  Rain rain rain rain and more rain.  Saturday we took Tink up to the groomer and then went for an early Valentines breakfast at The Commons.  I love that place and it wasn't packed, as it usually is.  Then off to do errands and shopping.  We picked Tink up around 1:30 and that was it.  A few chores, a movie or two, some knitting.  Sunday also was pretty crappy, but it was only sprinkling so we walked Tink in a new park we found a couple of weeks ago over by the Brickhouse Brewery.  It was nice.  Then another whole day of reading and knitting and relaxing.  I guess this is the time of year for it, because once the weekends get better the yard needs some attention!

I had Monday off and I slept in, intending to head up to Shane Company to get my jewelry cleaned and checked.  But then I thought it might be a bad idea, considering that Sunday was Valentines Day.  How many people got engaged and would be flocking to the store to get their rings sized or pick out rings.  So I skipped that and packed Tink into the truck and, after I got gas, we took a walk around Cottage Lake.  It was misting heavily so by the time we were done my jacket was wet through.  That was it for our outside time.  I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and cleaning and cooking soup. 

Therefore, a short week.  Hooray.  Next week is going to be a bitch.  This week isn't looking too bad.  It's short day for me too, because I've got a 5 o'clock meeting.

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