10 February, 2016


Because of all of the Zoom meetings I am attending these days, I take my MacBook back and forth quite frequently.  Several days a week, actually.  Today is one of those days.  I was unloading myself in the break room when I got in this morning and as I pulled my laptop bag over my head and put it on the table it slipped off and when it fell the plastic clasp and plastic circle that the handle goes into broke!   Just shattered.  Well, as the woman I asked to re-order the bag told me, it only cost $19.99 so .... not totally out of the question that it would be a bit flimsy.  So, I got a good two years, maybe more, out of it.  And I'll have a new one tomorrow.  I'll just not take it home with me tonight. 

Yesterday was a fun day.  I took the day off - personal day - and went to the retirement seminar again, this time looking at it with fresh eyes and with eyes that will be out of here in a little over six months.  I felt a sense of urgency and the good thing is there are things to do at six months and three months, etc.  You can nibble at it.  Can you see me smiling?

It was one of those freakish days we get in February sometimes, into the 60s and sunny.  We walked down ... up .... the Ave to find a place for lunch, then went to Costco to pick up a few things and then home to take Tink to the park.  Ben had some work to do, so I left him to it and Tink and I had a nice walk.  There was a woman there walking her pig.  Really.   Then it was knitting time.  I put the lace front cardigan together - back and two sleeves - a couple of evenings ago and now I'm just working on the raglan decreases.  Perfect TV knitting.  Or just silent knitting.  You know me, I don't mind.

Ben is gone to Spokane this afternoon for a couple of days, so I've got two evenings to knit and knit and knit.  Maybe have a fire tool.  I'll be lonely but get lots of work done.

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