02 February, 2016

One down one to go

Well I was not 100% successful yesterday.  I tried doing my changing train reservations on line and that was a disaster.  The Thello site didn't even recognize my reservation number.  And the RailEurope was just as bad.  So I found a number for RailEurope and called them and got that portion handled - Paris to Beaune moved from the 30th to the 23rd.  And that guy was very very helpful but he couldn't change my Thello reservation for me.  Actually the Thello is not exchangeable so I have to cancel my original reservation and lose I don't know what at this point, and then re-book.  I called the office but they close at 7 pm their time, so I just missed them.  It's first on my list this morning.  And then I'm going to double and triple check all of my other reservations!!

All of my free time yesterday evening was spent knitting on the sleeves for the cardigan I started.  It's slow going - two sleeves at the same time so I'm not seeing a lot of progress.  I'm about half way through my initial increases - two stitches every five rows ten times.  That's really the way to go though because if a mistake is made, it's made on both of the sleeves.

It is so cold in the mornings, but it is getting almost up to 50 in the daytime.  I wanted snow.  I guess we're not going to get winter again this year.  Oh -- today is Groundhog Day so we'll surely find out.  If you believe it of course.  And since they do it on the east coast it really never has much to do with us.


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