05 February, 2016

What a klutz!

I always have my headphones on when I'm on the bus, or out walking to or from the bus, etc.  The headphones I have are not the Apple ones, but full headphones and the cord is super long.  It is always getting caught on things, especially seat armrests on the bus.  Last night as I was getting off the bus it caught on the armrest.  I didn't realize it until I got off the bus and people were pointing at me to let me know that I was dangling.  My phone was still on the bus!  The good news is that my bus terminates at the transit center so I was able to run across the street and get my phone back.  What an oblivious klutz though.

Tink and I had another quiet evening.  She always wants to head into bed at 8 o'clock.  That's her thing.  Sometimes I just put her in there and continue knitting but last night I went in with her and snuggled and read.  Then at 9 I headed up my new lavender eye pillow and relaxed.  I just love it!  The only thing I don't like is that it came with an eye shade but you can't put it on under the eye shade so it doesn't stay put when you roll over.  I am going to have to look for an answer to this problem.  Otherwise it is so relaxing and I swear I drop right off. 

I am working like blazes on the sleeves.  I would really like to get them done before Sunday so I could bring some easy stockinette work to the Super Bowl party.  If not I can bring socks since I am just doing 2x2 ribbing on those right now.  Perfect TV knitting as well.

The Thello site was working seamlessly yesterday and I got my first ticket canceled with only a 38 Euro penalty.  And I got our new tickets purchased.  Yahoo!  Now the waiting ....

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