12 February, 2016


I nearly jumped out of my skin last night.  Tink and I were sitting serenely on the couch, watching Shrek and knitting.  Well, I was watching Shrek and knitting and Tink was snoozing.  All of a sudden half of the insides of the stove hood crashed down onto the stove!  I had cooked dinner earlier and I did have the fan on, but I swear I did not touch the insides of the hood when I turned it on.  Just bam, down it came.  Poor little Tink.

Other than that, it was a pretty quiet day and evening.  Work was slow and except for the ammonia fumes that keep showing up every few days, nothing going on.  We do have a long weekend this weekend.  Errands on Monday.  Tink gets groomed on Saturday.  Valentine's Day on Sunday.  If its not raining this weekend I'd like to get outside and rake the old leaves off the lawn. 

I finished up the body of the lace cardigan and now I've got to steel myself and pick up the stitches for the lace fronts.  I need some time and an empty table.  I hope to get it done on Sunday but maybe on Monday when I'm alone.

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