04 February, 2016

Took a little break

Honestly, I just couldn't face another hour of computer frustration so I didn't even try the Thello site.  I think I am sufficiently rested to give it a try today.  If I can't get it to recognize my ticket number I'll send an email.  I don't know what else to do since Emma wasn't able to find another number for me to call and, as I said, the phone just says to cancel it on line.  I just don't want to be frustrated again but I HAVE to do it.

It was a busy day yesterday and I like that.  Noon knitting was fun and the afternoon flew by.  Tink and I are alone for a couple of nights so it was pretty quiet at home.  She got her two walkies, I got my food ready for today and my dinner ready, then we watched stupid TV and I knit on the sleeves.  This yarn is a joy to work with and has a lovely halo.  Tink was ready for bed at 8 but I managed to get her to stay up a little bit longer.  Then we went in and I read for a while and dropped off around 9 or so.  It is SO quiet when I'm alone there.  I slept like a rock, except for the time I woke myself up snoring, or snorting or something.  Maybe it was Tink. 

I do have another rather busy day - again, I am super happy about that because the day goes by so much quicker.  I have a 1 o'clock meeting and I did want to go to Trader Joe's.  I guess I'll go at 11 and take the bus rather than walk.  I have no idea how long this meeting is going to go and I'll need to eat my lunch before so I don't really have time for a super long walk.  Ah well.  Tomorrow.

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