24 February, 2016

I truly need a vacation

Oh good heavens .... yesterday was SO frustrating.  We are getting ready for a big meeting today and I spent all of the morning wrestling with an Excel spreadsheet.  And then I had two late meetings starting at 4 o'clock, so I had to be out of here around 1:30.  On the plus side, it was a gorgeous gorgeous day.  Sunshine aplenty.  And, also on the plus side, the meeting today should take the pressure off for a while.  I keep telling myself, I just have to make it through another few months.  Another few months with a nice trip to Europe to break it up.  And then it will be truly spring and ... well, I can't get too far ahead of myself or I'll go crazy.

I think I am just simply burned out.  I can't whip up any enthusiasm for anything here at work and I have a hard time taking anything seriously.  Deadlines?  pah!  I am trying to NOT be a complete asshole about it.  Frankly, it is pretty difficult since I consider most of the issues to be complete idiocy.  Here's a tidbit -- some student complained to a faculty member that he wasn't being gender sensitive when he said, about an x-ray, that one had to be sure to look for the shadows of both breasts.  Seriously?  It's that kind of crap that makes it so very very difficult for me to even take the students seriously.  How can they learn when they are all on the lookout for any perceived slight?  It is crazy and I have to stop thinking about it.

Noon knitting!  I did get a couple of rows done yesterday while listening in to meeting number 1.  My hand felt okay so full speed ahead.  I already have another project in the queue.

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