25 February, 2016


Wow.  It is so clear and sunny this morning that I had to put my sunglasses on when I got to the parking garage!  We are having another early spring.  I know it's going to cloud up and be raining for the next couple of weeks, but when we do get a clear and cloudless day it's actually not freezing.  I should enjoy these mornings because we'll be turning the clocks and then it'll be dark again.  It's awfully nice for now though.  I like starting off the day in a good mood.

Yesterday was another busy day.  Today only one meeting at 9, and then a Travel Fair at the HUB, which I'm going to check out before I go up to get Tink's food.  The afternoon should be pretty quiet.  I'm going to request to work from home tomorrow since I've got my early meeting at 8AM and then a dentist appointment in the early afternoon.  It's the first of two appointments.  The filling that got botched a couple of months ago is going to be turned into a crown.  Woohoo ... not.  But at least I'll get rid of this horrible gap once and for all.  And, at least I've got insurance so it's expensive but not as expensive as it could be.  I just know that I'm going to be feeling terrible after that ordeal.  I do not want to be on the bus tomorrow.  First of all because I'll have to get the early bus in order to do my meeting and second of all because I'll be feeling like hell after the appointment and I'll want to go straight home, not take two bus rides and then drive home.  So - hopefully I'll get permission.  And just think about it ... in six months that will be a moot point, won't it.

I do think about that a lot.  Like yesterday thinking .... next year I will not have to drive to the transit center in the morning in February.  Or ever, hopefully.

I always watch the sales at DBNY and usually when they start discounting, today it's 40%, all of the Noro yarn is gone.  Ah, but today there were 10 skeins of Shiro in a good colorway for 40% off their price, which means I got them all plus shipping for $82!  Now to figure out what I'm going to make with it.  I wonder if it'll be enough for a blanket.  Maybe a little one.

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