08 February, 2016

Super Bowl weekend

So, it's not so much fun when your team is not playing in the Super Bowl.  We had a party to go to on Sunday so we did all of our errands on Saturday.  I got laundry done and got lots and lots of good knitting done as well.  The sleeves are finished and I not only got the back cast on, but finished the back yesterday before we had to leave for the game.  Tonight I'm going to get the sleeves and back hooked up together and start on the raglan decreases.  This sweater is moving right along.  So Saturday -- two movies, which is why I had plenty of knitting time.  That's it for Saturday.

Sunday morning was just a lazy day. Tink got walkies and I got to chat with my sister and then we headed out for the party.  We didn't really have to bring anything to cook, which was nice.  I brought sock to knit on so I wouldn't be so completely bored.  Oh, but it was great actually because the Broncos put a whippin' on the Pathers and for that I am grateful!!  Ha ha Cam Newton.

It's going to be a busy week.  Tomorrow I'm taking a personal day to do a retirement seminar.   And then, like last week, I actually have work to do which makes the days scoot by.  Oh, and the weather?  Awesome and freakishly warm.  Nicccce

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