03 February, 2016

No joy

First thing yesterday I called the Thello number but still didn't get a live person.  At the very end of the automatic thing I got an option to push O for operator, but the person who came on the line did not speak English any better than I speak French and maybe even worse.  I believe she was Italian.  She told me the Thello site was not working and I should go to the TrainItalia site but, oh by the way, that wasn't working either.  I asked Emma to see if she could find a live English person for me to call, but she did not have any luck.  Everywhere it says I must cancel on the web site and re-book.  I don't have a problem with that.  I understand I will lose some portion of the original reservation.  My problem is that the web site does not recognize my reservation number!!  Well, I will try the web site again this morning and if I can't get it to work, I'll send another email to them.  I did get a response saying I needed to use the web site ..... see the round and round?  I'd LOVE to use the web site if I could get it to work!!!

Yesterday was late meeting day so I ate my lunch at my desk and left at 2:30.  I stopped at the store for more eggs and got the quiche into the oven and that didn't leave me any time to walk Tinkerbell.  She had spent more than an hour outside in the front and the back, but she really really wanted to go out about half way through the meeting.  What luck.  But Ben got home around 6 and took her out, so she didn't have to suffer much.

I got a good hour in on the sleeves and today I will work on them some more at noon knitting.  Then I've got two evenings alone while Ben is in Portland and I can knit and knit and knit to my heart's content.

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