29 February, 2016

Oh what a Friday!

On Friday I worked from home.  I had a 2 o'clock dental appointment so I did my early morning meeting at home.  Then the weather was pretty nice, so I took Tinkerbell to the park, which she just loves!  After I quick little lunch I took off for the dentist, stopping at the Sephora at Northgate for my eyeliner and I found an awesome lipstick too.  Bonus.

I got the dentist a little early, so cooled my heels in the waiting room until my appointment.  And then .... oh my goodness.  How I hate hate hate getting a new crown.  I was in the chair for two hours.  Thank goodness I had my book to listen to - which, by the way, is an EXCELLENT book called "A Little Life".  Highly recommended.  I ended up asking for more Novocaine part way through and at the end asked for pain meds.  It was terrible.  Thank goodness that's all the bad part plus, bonus, I got that horrible filling gone and I don't have that ridge in my head anymore.  Now in a couple of weeks I get my new, permanent crown.  Hooray for me.

It will be a short week for me.  I am leaving at noon-ish on Friday to drive down to pick Ben up in Portland and then a long weekend in Astroria.  It will be awesome.

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