15 August, 2005

Busy weekend

It was a H-O-T weekend as well as busy. Thankfully this weather is supposed to break this week and we may even get some rain. Hooray! I was in the car for much of yesterday, traveling to a memorial picnic and back again. I had planned on getting TONS done on the sleeves of my cardigan but the air conditioning didn't work, so it made it a little difficult to get going. We took the ferry one way and so I was able to cast on and actually made some progress last night after I got home. Kitty loves to play with me while I'm knitting. Go figure - a cat that likes yarn! She's just as bad as the dog though, because Tink also likes to play with my knitting. She destroyed a couple of projects in the works before I learned to put my knitting up off the floor if she was going to be unsupervised. I'm going to take pictures of the sleeves tonight to post. This cardigan is going to be so cute! I think that I might make a shell from the left over Optiks that I'm using as trim (as suggested by Sylv). It would make a cute set and if it doesn't suit me, it would be good for my sister.

On Sunday I also made a quick stop at the bead store to get some beads to experiment with copying a necklace that I saw on the Anthropoligies site. Theirs uses pearls but I just got some glass beads to fool around with. If I can make it look like I can picture it in my head, then I'll get pearls.

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