29 August, 2005

Friday Night's concert AND Why I prefer to knit in the round

I finally finished that cashmere cardigan. Basically I just sacrificed my whole Saturday and got it done. And it illustrates perfectly why I much prefer to knit in the round. First it took me two solid hours to sew the shoulders, set in the sleeves and sew up the sides and sleeves. That is a picture of it put together and ready to pick up the 223 stitches around the front and neck. I got wise this time though and used a crochet hook to help me pick up the stitches. Time elapsed -- 1 hour. By that time my back was just screaming from being hunched over the table for so long. But did I quit there? Noooooooo, not by a long shot. Those 223 stitches had to be turned into 446 stitches if it was going to be a ruffle like the sleeves and back edging. Luckily for me it was preseason football and the Seahawks were playing, so I headed downstairs and kept at it. I almost ... almost ... made it but I ran out of yarn at about 10:30, 1/2 way through binding off. So I finished it up Sunday and here it is. It's really cute on, although rather snug. But so is the other one and I think that's partly what makes it so cute. I was going to make I-cord ties, but I think I'll just fasten it with a pin if I fasten it at all. I have a black V-neck shell that will look fine under it (the ruffle is predominantly black) but I would like to whip up a matching shell for it sometime. It shouldn't take too long. It' s just finding the time. Putting it into the queue, as it were.

So that was the biggest part of my weekend. Friday night though we went to a concert - a trio made of Jean-Luc Ponty, Stanley Clark and Bela Fleck. Of course I know they're not exactly mainstream but I always liked Jean-Luc Ponty (back in the day) and Bela Fleck is pretty cool. Oh but the three of them together .... painful. One hour of it would have been fine but two? Torture. Too avant garde. Too out there. Too boring. And then to top it off, Seattle had to come off looking like a hick town. The last thing they played was a suite in 3 movements. Stanley Clark introduced it as such - a suite in 3 movements. Now we have all learned in grade school that one doesn't applaud between movements! Oh but of course, people couldn't keep their hands from clapping in any little bit of silence. It's embarrassing!! And don't even get me started on the ridiculous practice of giving everyone a standing ovation. That sends me right around the bend.

Well, anyway.

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Anna said...

Well done on the seaming - it was worth the hours you put in. The ruffles are super :)