03 August, 2005

Tink's ears

Poor little Tinkerbell!! I just seem to get one problem under control and another pops up. I noticed a couple days ago that she was scratching a bit at her ears, mostly her right one. I took a peek inside and it seemed okay so I thought maybe it was because we were switching from one antihistamine to another. But the next day it seemed redder and, remembering the problem I had with Jack's ears when I let him go swimming, I thought I'd better take her up to the vet. Sure enough, she's got a yeast infection in both ears! Not bad, thankfully, but still. I have to bathe her twice a week until we can get the skin problem taken care of .... and really, she's looking MUCH better these days ... and so perhaps I got some water in her ears and that's all it takes, especially since she'd been on antibiotics for two weeks. I just want to find out what she's allergic to so we can stop this cycle, but I won't be able to do that until August 15, which is our next visit to the dermatologist. Until then ... ear drops and massage twice a day along with all of the other stuff we're doing. She's such a good dog though -- just takes it with a doggie smile.

I got a lot of work done on the back of that cardigan last night. Hopefully I can get it (the back that is) finished up tonight, or nearly so. It's going to be a bold little cardigan even though it's a muted yellow. I hope it's not too circus-like. I don't fancy looking any more like a clown than I already do.

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