22 August, 2005

How did I do that???

I've got to quit taking pictures with my camera phone. They just don't come out well in the house. But anyway, I think it's clear enough to see what I did. I was working on my sleeves yesterday. I really wanted to finish them. I always knit my sleeves at the same time, just working two balls of yarn. That way they're always just the same because if I'm going to goof up, I will do it to both of them. And also there's just something so daunting about having just one more sleeve to do. Anyway, what I did was knit not one, but two rows on a sleeve with the other sleeve's yarn!! So I had to frog two rows. Now not normally a big problem, except that I'm working with three strands of fingering yarn on each sleeve. HUGE hassle! I managed to do it without dropping any stitches but I had to put it away after that even though I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was too nerve wracking.

Tonight is the first home pre-season Seahawks game and I've got tickets. It's a Monday Night Football game, so it starts at 5. I can't wait!!! Yay football!!

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