08 August, 2005

Happy birthday to me!

It's my birthday and I'm having a vacation day. I slept in and ran some errands and now I have the whole rest of the afternoon to knit or read or take a nap ..... whatever I want! Maybe a little of all three. I finished up the left front of the cardigan yesterday. Those front pieces go very fast.

Things are still strange and noisy in cat and dog land. The cat did come upstairs last night. She is getting bolder. Tink just can't get over the fact that something else is in HER house but it seems that she is getting a little more used to her. At least she doesn't bark continuously any more. That was wearing a little thin, for sure.

My bruises are getting very colorful. I was in the bagel store yesterday morning and it was hot so I was just wearing a little camisole top. As I was leaving I noticed this woman just totally checking me out and I couldn't understand what was up with that until I caught a glimpse of my arm in a mirror. Dang! I look like somebody beat the tar out of me! Today I wore a little shrug to cover it up. It's embarrassing!

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