09 August, 2005

Was it the yummy dinner?

No work today. I am not feeling at all well. And no I don't think it's because of too much celebration. I've managed to keep a cup of cocoa down and a piece of toast. We'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully this is a 24 hour thing. I've got stuff to do!! At work, I mean.

I swatched the Basketcase Sweater I'm going to be making for the BF. It's going to be very cool. I've never worked with Rowan Big Wool. In this case it's going to make the project bearable because it's more of a jacket than a sweater - I mean it's huge. So it won't be dragging on forever if I'm using size 15s. Well for some reason this won't let me add a picture today. I'll try later. I need to go lay down.

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