04 August, 2005

Crash and owie!!

The bicycle gods are out to get me. Perhaps because of my rant Tuesday? I don't know ... but I got whacked pretty good yesterday on the way home. Thankfully I had met up with a friend along the way so we weren't going very fast, since we were chatting. As he stopped to go up the hill I was just starting to accelerate when I noticed a car door opening. The door stopped, so I figured the person had seen me since I saw his head in the mirror and so I kept going. Wham! He opened his door right as I went by and knocked me over. He was hesitating not because he had seen me but because he was picking up an empty chips bag!! Thankfully Andy was still close enough to hear the crash and he came and helped me out of the street and walked me and my bicycle home. No blood, but bruises. Lots of bruises. Of course the man in car was very apologetic. I just wanted to get off my back, out of the street and on my way. I felt very undignified. Cars stopped. People came out of their houses. I hurt then but oh dear, it was much worse later and today I feel awful. I wish I didn't have to be at work, but I do. Oh well. I could have been worse.

The good news is that we get to break a cat out of jail. Here she is. No name for her yet although 'Wendy' is the current favorite. I took this with my phone last night at the shelter in their "Get Acquainted" room. It is very strange there - little rooms for people to try out the cat and see if it's a fit. This is my first time at adopting an animal. Since there are so many adult cats around I just think it's the most humane thing to do rather than go looking for a kitten. She's a very nice kitty. Now hopefully Tink won't go totally bonkers with an addition to the family. It's going to be interesting.


Anonymous said...

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sylv said...

So sorry to hear about your crash. But good to hear nothing's broken. And how is Wendy adapting to her new life ?