24 August, 2005

Ooooo look what I got!

I ordered some of Elann's Peruvian Highland Wool and received it yesterday. Again, a bad picture. The colors are a dark brown and the ones that look blue are really more of a dusky purple. I am going to use it to make a felted basket that I'm going to fill with some luxe wool and needles and donate for a charity auction in a couple months. I wanted to try out this wool for the cabled shrug that I'm going to make my friend Ruth. I am going to swatch it tonight - a BIG swatch with one of the cable patterns. It probably won't work because it looks to be true worsted weight and the pattern calls for chunky. But really, you never know with gauge and it would be a wonderful yarn for that pattern. I know it'll work for the felted basket, so I can swatch all I want and then frog it and use it for the bag. I am going to make it with two strands. It should be nice and strong. Don't you just love felting?

I wanted to start my swatch right away yesterday evening, but I made myself finish the sleeves to that cardigan! It's all done and ready to be put together. I probably won't get to it tonight though because I want to play with this yarn. But it looks like I'll be able to wrap up that project this weekend. Woohoo!!


sylv said...

Hey shelley, looks like nice yarn !!! And you've already finished your cardi ?!! Will come and check for pics... ;-)

Hey, I have a question for you: would you mind if I used your "with a french twist" for my "chez Plum" tagline..? I've asked a couple friends, and that was their top favorite option .. If you said yes, maybe I could like give you a free pattern (not much choice yet, but there will be soon) from my site..? let me know what you think.

Shelley said...

Oh absolutely you can use that as a tag line! I'm flattered. And a free pattern - well, who would say no to that! Thanks!

sylv said...

Cool, thanks, so just let me know (sylvieATfluydDOTnet) whenever you see a pattern on "chez Plum" that you like, and I'll send you a copy.