05 August, 2005

What a whiner

I feel like a big ol' whiney baby but .... ooooooooch! I am more sore today from that crash than I was yesterday. I worked a little bit on my orange cashmere T-shirt while I was getting my hair done, but other than that it was just too hot to knit yesterday. I am going to have a long weekend so I hope to be able to get the back of that cardigan done and get a good start on the fronts. I am very anxious to get that done. I think it's going to be one of the best things I've made. Ooo! And I bought the yarn for one of the Vogue patterns - the purple lace peplum thingie. I got a great deal on the yarn it calls for - Alpaca Regal. I must make myself wait to start that though, because I promised to start the BF's big jacket first and I do have all the yarn for that so ... it'll have to wait. But it'll be nice to have the yarn to look at. It is going to be super soft.

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