01 August, 2005


I was selling some stash on eBay and some went and some didn't. The Berocco Optik didn't get a nibble. It had been sitting in a pile with other odds and ends and it was next to a bag of yellow recycled cashmere I had bought a few months ago and hadn't decided what to do with yet. But as I looked at them together I thought how cool that Optik would be as a ruffled trim. I get so many compliments on that Knit1 cropped cardigan I made that I decided to use the yellow cashmere as the body and instead of ribbing use the Optik as a ruffled edge. I started right away and it's looking awesome and the drape of the fabric is just wonderful. This picture was taken with my phone - which takes good pictures depending upon the light and the light wasn't that great but it gives the general idea.

I received the latest issue of Vogue knits and found two sweaters in there that I really want to make. So that makes 3 projects for myself that I still need to get the wool for. The Loop-d-loop Lace Leaf sweater is the one that I had been planning on making next. I am waffling a bit though because 1) the grafting of the body right in the middle of the chest seems a dicey proposition to me and 2) I am now totally in love with these two sweaters!! So we'll see. I'll most likely make the purple one first unless I can score some Rowan Big Wool at a good price. I'm not thinking of doing this one in orange though. Maybe blue.

Also I finally finally finished my Branching Out Scarf. It needs blocking though. The fuzzy yarn (Reynolds Frisky) wasn't the best choice I know since the lace pattern is mostly obscured. Probably when it's blocked it'll look more lacey. On the up side it hides the multitude of mistakes I made. I am not all that keen on lace knitting. I mean it looks nice but it is not a social project. No chatting. Just knitting. Not my style. I like to multi task.


sylv said...

Love the orange sweater. Have to check that new Vogue issue now !!
Also, your branching out scarf looks oh so soft, and the color is great !!!
I'm curious to see how your cardi turns out. Wow, cashmere !

Shelley said...

I know! Isn't that orange one a beauty!! I suppose I could wear that color but I want something in blue and I think it would look nice in a blue. I also love that purple sweater. I'm not sure what color for that.

I think my cardigan is going to be AWESOME! The cashmere is some that I got on ebay from a woman who recycles sweaters. It's kinky and I am using 3 strands so right now the fabric looks a bit uneven. I don't know if washing it is going to take the kinks out but I am thinking that I'll actually wash and block this before I put it together. I know - what a concept. :-) I have only blocked one sweater and it still didn't fit. Otherwise they never seem to need it.