12 August, 2005

Oh this dog and cat thing!

I can't describe (though I'll try) how strange it is sometimes to have a cat around. Poor Tinkerbell - I feel sorry for her sometimes. Wendy is becoming a bully, although I know it's just her survival instinct. They are getting better at being in the same room together but when the cat is on the couch and Tink comes by, for example to perhaps get up in my lap, the cat just pounces! Last night the cat was in the corner by the TV and Tink was playing ball with me, but when she would get the ball she would go to the kitty and make a play posture. She wants to play with the cat! But the cat is afraid of her and so goes on the defensive and attacks. It's less nerve wracking than it's been though because they've been making progress. When I go to bed I leave the door open to the upstairs. Last night Tink decided she wanted to start the night out under the bed. I was nearly asleep when the kitty jumped on the bed! But then Tinkerbell sensed she was there and SHE wanted on the bed. Off goes the cat, on goes the dog. Everything was just getting settled and I was almost asleep when the cat comes back and peeps up onto the bed. Tink's head came up like a gopher and away went the cat again, only to come back in a few minutes and up she came! She stayed WAAAAYYY up top and Tink went from the bottom to the middle, but everyone was quiet and happy and mostly slept through the night. Now if only they could get along that well during waking hours.

It was much cooler yesterday, plus the air conditioning is on in my office and can't be turned off, so I was actually cold! I ended up working on my mohair blankie last night. I'm going to be slipping it onto my longest circular needles so I'll take a picture of it's progress. I am quite please. It's going to be very pretty I think. The colors are super. And I've got a long car ride on Sunday so I'm going to wind another ball of that Optiks and make the two sleeves for the cardigan - or rather, start them. I should be able to get a good start on Sunday.

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