02 August, 2005

Just open your eyes

Today is a rant. Not a major one but something that really irks me. I ride my bike to work everyday, year around. It's not my exercise - I go to the gym or run every day for exercise - it's how I get to work. So I'm not out there racing or anything, I just ride. Once spring and summer show up here in Seattle we get the "fair weather" bicyclists. They're easy to spot. Their bike clothes are trendy and new as opposed to my beat up bike shorts, mismatched t-shirts and road-oil stained jacket. Their bikes are shiny and their panniers spotless. They also are clueless how to ride and share the road with cars. It's no wonder that people driving cars hate bicyclists when there are these idiots out there! My biggest complaint is the person who bikes up to an intersection and leans up against the curb, effectively blocking the intersection so the cars behind them can't come up and make a right turn. At the end of my street this is what most of the cars want to do because if one goes straight, like I do to, only pedestrians or cyclists can get across the bridge. So, to get to the freeway they must turn right. It's a simple thing, people. If you're going straight, be polite and put yourself in the middle of the street so cars can get around you!! Or if you're afraid of cars, get on the sidewalk and press the crossing button to make the light change even faster! Some girl was blocking the intersection today and I know I should have said something, but it's just so freaking obvious! There were THREE CARS BEHIND HER!! She's lucky it wasn't me because I would have honked!

Whew. Okay, rant off. On another note I worked some more on my yellow cashmere cardi last night. The back is the worst beccause it's just essentially a large rectangle. Once that is done the front sides go quickly beause they're triangles - start out with a few stitches, increase up to a point and decrease back down. Then the sleeves - but I do them together on long needles so it seems to go faster. I am so into this one project that I don't want to work on anything else. Not enough hours in the day.

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