25 August, 2005

A perfect fit!!

This is the swatch I made last night for Ruth's cabled shrug out of the Peruvian Highland Wool. The gauge is absolutely SPOT ON! I have never knit a swatch that matched so perfectly as this does. I am thrilled! Now I just have to get her to pick a color. Of course, I want to start on this right now, but I am going to be strong ... ;-). I won't be able to work on the cardigan tonight because I'm going to see Dad and cook him dinner and a smoke filled apartment is no place for a new garment to hang out. And tomorrow is the Jean-Luc Ponty concert at the Pier so nothing Friday night. But this weekend for sure I'm going to sew that baby together and pick up those stitches and finish it up. THEN it's Erik's sweater jacket, the felted basket and THEN Ruth's shrug. I swear ... if only I didn't have to work all day......

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