27 May, 2011

And the reason I couldn't see .....

I feel so stupid!  I figured out, after my run yesterday, that the reason my eyes were bothering me and I couldn't see clearly out of my right eye is because the contact was inside out!  I should have realized that right away, but in my defense I was tired and my eyes were irritated.  After I turned the thing right side out I was fine! 

I didn't have that great of a run yesterday afternoon.  And after all those great ones last week!  I was a bit disappointed.  The fact that I was tired from a bad night, and I forgot to take a couple of puffs from my inhaler to combat the allergies, I just didn't have the power.  The route I chose was the hillier of my two regular routes which also contributed to the difficulty level.  I was only off by a couple of tenths, but still.  I am trying to go forward, not backslide!

I gave Tink a nice long walk, letting her roll in the grass as much as she wanted because today she is getting groomed.  After her walk I had a decent workout, had some dinner and then set my sights on finishing the body of the Rondeur and trying it on.  Goal achieved!  I tried it on and it is absolutely PERFECT!  It is such a gorgeous little top!  Tonight I'm going to start on the curved hem.  Tink is usually quite subdued after a trip to the groomer so hopefully I'll get some quiet time tonight to blast through the bottoms.

I was so tired last night that I went to bed on the early side to read and I think I closed my book about 10 minutes to 10 and I was fast asleep, slept like a log.  It was easy to get up early and combined with the lack of traffic due to the holiday weekend, I was up to the groomer's in record time and at work before 8.  Ta da!  As soon as Tink is done they will call me and I will take the rest of the afternoon off.  I can see blue sky so maybe we'll have a nice afternoon.  I just hope I can get my run in before they call.  Maybe I'll get out there a little early.

I had a couple of email exchanges with my friend Emma, who is super excited about my trip.  We haven't seen each other in quite a few years and I miss her.  We will definitely be spending a few days in Paris and I most likely will spend a day or so with her in Luxembourg as well.  Maybe I can talk her into a day trip into  Brussels.  Oh I am getting so excited and I need to dampen that enthusiasm down a bit.  We have a long way to go.  And I have a couple of cool trips coming up before that as well.  Last week of June in SoCal and August 5 through 9 in Las Vegas.  Life is good.  Finally.

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