25 May, 2011

Deceptively easy

I just hate to say this, but when I ran yesterday and without any more effort than suggesting to myself that I run just a little bit faster, I ran 2.53 miles in 30 minutes!   It then seems to me that I should be able to do 2.6 with a little bit more effort.  My logic is that if I can get myself comfortable with doing faster training times my race times will shrink accordingly.   I would be the happiest girl alive if I could do a 10 minute mile and right now it doesn't feel like it's out of the question.  Baby steps.  And no running today since it's Wednesday noon knitting day.

Tink was a little less needy last night and I was a little more attentive to her doggie needs in order to have some uninterrupted knitting time.  I gave her the normal 30 minutes when I got home, then after I worked out and had dinner I gave her another long-ish walk. The way our weather is these days we are getting clouds in the morning and then in late afternoon we get a little bit of sunshine, so it was actually quite nice at 7 pm and we had a lovely stroll.  Then I had some time to work on the Rondeur.  I finished up the increases and now go 'round and 'round until I am 14 inches from the underarms.  At that point I need to try it on to make sure it is long enough before I make the curved hem.  I am loving this lovely Aimee yarn a little less these days since I found THREE knots in one ball, one after the other.  That is extremely annoying with cheap yarn and doubly so with expensive yarn.  Oh but this is going to be a great looking top.

Gregg, my new musical partner, telephoned on Monday evening to tell me what a great impression I had made Sunday night and to also say he was quite keen on keeping our partnership going and that I should start thinking of what songs I'd like to sing next.  That's always nice to hear, isn't it?  I have been going up to that bar, the Oxford, for years and years to listen to my friends perform.  Maybe only once or twice a year, but I would see the same people hanging out.  After our set I saw Gregg's wife sitting with a woman that I have seen there and I sat down with them.  The woman, Beth, lives next door to Gregg and Jennifer.  Well it is a very small town after all.  She said, "I was in your house once when you weren't there".  Oh, were you?  Good heavens .. that's my friends for you.  My old house was a rather casual place in that all my friends knew where the spare key was and also knew that I never latched the bathroom window.  So it's not all that unusual but all the same ... weird.  I think McG, one time when he was staying with me, brought her over for immoral purposes.  Just a guess.

Well ... better get on with my day.  Here's hoping I can put another couple of inches onto the Rondeur at lunch.

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