06 May, 2011

I couldn't help myself!

Yesterday Monika and I took a walk up to our LYS to scout out their sale and what did I find?  Only an irresistible 10 balls of Debbie Bliss Silk Aran in a gorgeous shade of spring green.  I couldn't help myself - I bought it even though I have about a million and one projects (and the yarn for them) on my shelves.  But it is my favorite shade of green and the yarn is so deluxe - soft with a sheen from the silk content.  Maybe I'll make the lacy cardigan from the front the Loop-d-Loop Lace.  This isn't the best image but you can see basically what it is.  Three or maybe four different lace patterns.  The yarn would be perfect for this.

I had an odd night's sleep.  A bit restless and I guess I was super tired this morning because I barely remember the alarm going off and next thing I knew it was after 7.  Ah well ... I'm here now, not that there's any great hurry.  I don't have any appointments until 9:30 anyway.

I hope to be able to run at lunchtime.  It was sprinkling on my way in to work but I haven't run since the race and I really want to get out there and see how it feels.  I have decided not to sign up for the Great Kilted Run on the 22nd.  Besides having that open mic to go to, I just don't want to run that race.  I think the course would be nice and flat, but getting to the race and, more importantly, finding parking would be a nightmare.  Not to mention that I would have to rent a kilt.  Stupid. 

Fingers crossed we get some decent weather this weekend.  I need some vitamin D.

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