31 May, 2011

Productive and a little boring

My long weekend ended up to be extra long.  I took Tink in for her grooming Friday morning, dropping her off around 7:30 and expecting to get a call to pick her up around 12:30 or 1.  However, I guess they weren't busy because I got the call at 10:30!  It was super quiet around the office and I didn't have anything pressing and that I couldn't handle from home, so off I went to pick up my beautiful, clean puppy.

I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish on the weekend and I did pretty well.  I was just a little overly optimistic about my capacity for work .... no, not capacity.  I was able to work more but I didn't desire to do so.  I got my closets sorted out and got a small bag (small is a relative term here) of clothes culled to take to the charity shop.  I didn't get to the sorting and revising of my shoe situation.  Because it is still not sandal weather I decided to put that off to this coming weekend, when it is supposed to be really warm and nice and I'll need them.  I was happy with what I got accomplished with my closets and I still had plenty of play time.

For play time I did a little finishing work.  I got the Rondeur finished and is it ever cute!  I LOVE it!  I have more detail shots on my Ravelry page but here is a picture of it on my dummy.  I don't know why I always seem to get things crooked when I put them on my form but you can see how cute this is.  Close fitting with wonderful detail.  It fits SO well.  I have a pair of flat front brown linen trousers that will be perfect to wear with this.  If the weather cooperates I should be able to wear it next week.

I did not work on the Cloisonne Jacket.  I am going to start bringing it to work for noon knitting and maybe then I will force myself to finish it.  Not like I can wear it now anyway but I would like to get it off my plate, so to speak.  I also decided to frog the linen camisole I started on that terrible cruise.  I have two reasons - number 1 is that it reminds me of things I am actively (and quite effectively) erasing from my memory and number 2, I hate hate HATE working with two strands of this yarn because it keeps getting tangled up.  I am going to use a single strand instead and make the cute smocked tunic from the new Interweave Knits.  It will be a true undertaking, being made with size 2 needles.  It should have wonderful drape though.

I started a little cardigan with some Noro Kureyon sock yarn and only after I got a few hours in did I realize I should have wound the cashmere lace weight yarn I got at Little Knits and started the Whisper cardigan.  Ah well.  I also got an hour or so good solid work done on the Shining Bird Eye shawl.  I figure two more hours and I'll be ready to bind off.

The rest of the weekend - the non-knitting portion - was taken up with long long Tinkerbell walks, silly movies, a little reading, modest shopping and some housecleaning.  My regular phone buddies were otherwise occupied.  McG with his family weekend and my sister packing and getting ready for her move, although we did manage to snatch a quick 30 minute catch-up chat Monday while she was out procuring lunch for the crew.  I am ready to spread my wings.  I am getting antsy.  But I am going to wait a while longer before I become social again.  A few more weeks maybe. 

Tonight I am going to the fundraising dinner/auction at the Burke Museum.  I am SO looking forward to this!  It has been a very long time since I've had a reason to dress up, even moderately.  And, as I have said, I really enjoy these fundraising silent and live auctions.  My escort is my wonderful friend Andy.  I don't know where the missus is tonight but my guess is she isn't all that keen on these types of things.  Andy goes for more altruistic reasons - he is a very generous supporter of all sorts of causes and, in his words, he spends lots of money at this event.  And he knows I could use a night out so it is a win-win.  Maybe I can find a nice spa experience to buy.  I want a massage or something like that.  Fingers crossed.

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