18 May, 2011

This is nice

Woke up to blue skies and sunshine!  Birds singing!  I wore a cardigan out the door today rather than a coat!  Ahhhhh.  It's not going to last long but I do read that we might break 70 degrees in the next few days.  I should probably think about getting a fan for my apartment now rather than wait until I really really need it and can't find one.  That's a chore for this already full weekend coming up.

I changed Tink's schedule a bit last night and it did indeed tack another 30 minutes onto my sitting up time before she started pushing me towards bed.  On our last walk around the gardens she started sniffing and running and looking upward into a tree.  I thought it was just another squirrel but when we got around to the bottom of the tree and I looked up I could see a little raccoon up there!  Amazing!  Even though we are close to the freeway there is a park just about the same distance west of us, so I guess it's not that crazy.  But still.

 I finished up the waist decreases on the Rondeur last night and now I'm working on length, then will do the increases.  I realized .... oh my, what a rookie mistake ... that I never checked gauge on this project!  I was so enamored of the yarn and the fabric it makes on the size five needles is just perfect so I didn't even think about checking my gauge.  I am noticing that this top looks a little small, but it is meant to be worn with two or three inches of negative ease so I might end up being okay.  Oh yes, I could measure and if it's off then start over but am I going to do that?  Probably not.  Most definitely not.

My latest audiobook is Christopher Hitchens' autobiography "Hitch 22".  I have loved his writing for years.  He and Dominick Dunne were my sole reasons for reading Vanity Fair for years and years.  He is now battling oesophageal cancer, which makes the listening that much more poignant.   

I have a couple of social engagements coming up which are brightening my month.  McG is coming for a visit and has promised to take me to dinner on Friday, then the little gig on Sunday and the following Tuesday I'm going to a fundraising dinner for a medical student group with one of the faculty members.  It is an auction fundraiser - silent as well as live.  I just LOVE those!  It should be fun.  And I get to wear a dress.  I hope the weather is fine so I can wear a good one.

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