04 May, 2011

The first Wednesday of the month

This is my early meeting day.  I just don't like it!  Thank goodness next year they are moving the time up to 9 am from 8:30 so that will make it little bit better.  I don't like the rushing in the morning.  I like to take my time when I get to work ... have a couple cups of tea, read the news, etc., then have a bite to eat.  But today I have to get moving before I am totally awake.  I won't have to do anything at this particular meeting though.  I can just sit and look interested.  Today is the day the students give their evaluation of the winter quarter courses.  I'm not so involved with the winter quarter courses so ... ho hum.

I have spent the last two days at home, a bit under the weather.  I thought perhaps it was something I had eaten on Sunday but I guess it was just a little bug.  I feel much better today. 

I had some time to think about my summer vacation -- the one coming up the last week of June.  My sister is very involved in her plans to move, although she and Mike don't seem to be able to find a place that suits them both.  The rental market in Southern California is brutal!  Extremely competitive and expensive to boot.  If this move happens she's not going to want to go away at the end of June but will most likely want me to come down there.  I don't know .... I will of course come down but I still want to go someplace as well and I don't imagine she's going to want to leave her new place right away.  Oh well..... I'll give it a bit more time.

I brought my Green Gable to noon knitting today.  I have decided not to put long sleeves on it after all.  It's nearly always too warm in my office as it is.  Might as well keep the sleeves short so I can wear it.  And so I can finish something.  My new projects are lining up.  Most likely more than I'll be able to finish before the weather turns again.  It's sunny today, so that makes me think of summer time.  I am sure it'll show up sooner or later.

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