16 May, 2011

Chasing the sun

I left early on Friday -- not terribly early, but about an hour or so.  I wanted to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  However, by the time I actually got out the door the wind was picking up and before I made it home the clouds had rolled in and it was cold and blustery.  Silly me.

Saturday was much better in the morning and Tink and I set off for a nice trip to the lake.  It wasn't warm, by any means, but it wasn't raining either so we had a long walk.  I had finished my new pedicure socks the night before but didn't take into account that they were rather thicker than the previous ones I had made and I couldn't wear them with the one pair of sandals I had out, so I went barefooted.  It wasn't that cold, after all.  I got my fingernails cut nice and short so I could play my ukelele a bit easier, and then spent the afternoon getting the stitch count right on the Rondeur and doing a few rounds.  I can't for the life of me figure out how I got the count so messed up but it's right now and not obvious that I didn't start out with the correct number of stitches.

I took off for Snohomish to rehearse with Gregg a little before 5:30 and by the time I was 20 minutes north the rain had started coming down.  I noticed that Gregg has two lilac trees in his front garden and even more in the back and I was going to ask for some cuttings before I left, but by the time we were done is was dark and POURING rain.  We had a terrific rehearsal.  Our voices blend so well together.  We have six songs for the open mic this coming Sunday, plus I'm singing another with McG and Gregg and I are both providing backups for one of McG's songs as well.  It should be a fun time.

Sunday was miserable, weather-wise.  It was coming down steadily, with no breaks in the clouds that I could see so I just put on a waterproof jacket and took Tink out for her long walk, as usual.  She was due for a bath so I figured she might as well get soaked before - kind of a pre-rinse.  We wandered some new streets and got good and wet.  And then she got a nice bath.  What she really needs is a trip to the groomer.  Hopefully I can get her in on the 28th, unless they are going to be closed for the long weekend, in which case I'll have to try for a weekday appointment.

I took advantage of the quiet and long afternoon and worked on the Shining Birds Eyes shawl.  I have four more repeats to go!  Sixteen more rows.  Why didn't I finish up the Cloisonne Jacket?  I have no good reason for not doing it.  I just need to make myself sit down and do it.  I'll bet it's no more than a couple of hours of work to completely finish, and yet I can't make myself do it.  Crazy.

Allergies are crazy as well.  The poor girl who was doing my manicure suffers greatly from hay fever and she was complaining about it Saturday.  The rain seems to make it worse - I suppose because it disturbs the pollen on the trees.  I woke up at around 1 this morning out of a deep sleep, I think because my eyes were itching so badly.  I popped another Benadryl and went off to sleep but I was a bit groggy this morning.

I got caught up on my Desperate Housewives recorded programs last night and worked and worked on the Rondeur.  I am nearly to the start of the waist shaping.  It goes quickly even though it is on size 5 needles.  Still adoring this yarn!

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