13 May, 2011

Post gone missing

Sometime has been up with Blogger today.  And I'm missing my post from yesterday to boot.  Supposedly, from what I can gather doing a search, the missing posts are going to be restored.  It's got me all turned around though, creature of habit that I am. 

Anyway ... on with it.  I had a SUPER great run yesterday!  I'm looking forward to another one today.  I did, in fact, wear my short sleeved shirt yesterday but my jacket stayed on the entire time.   While it's not so sunny today as yesterday it does seem a bit warmer so I might end up taking my jacket off after all.  And it's not yet the middle of May ... that's sarcasm.  It's really not worth complaining about the weather, is it?  So why do I keep doing it?  Maybe because I'm so happy lately that there's nothing else to complain and/or rant about?  I need to step up my game in that case.

Since the evening was fine, Tink spent some time on the balcony soaking up the evening sunshine and I worked on my Rondeur.  I have messed up the stitch count somehow.  I should have counted carefully before I put the sleeve stitches on holders but I didn't and now I have to fiddle and add a couple of stitches to the body so I can get the waist shaping markers in the right place.  It's only an inch or less in fit so that's not the issue.  I don't want the shaping to be off kilter. Tonight I'm going to have to leave it and finish up my pedicure socks.  It's supposed to be cold and wet again tomorrow and I'll need them since it's my day for manicure and pedicure.

I've got a little rehearsal with Gregg tomorrow evening and other than that, nothing special going on this weekend.  I hope the rain will hold off in the morning so that I can get Tinkerbell walked before I run my errands. Last weekend I found a few lilac trees starting to bloom so this weekend will be a sniffing paradise, hopefully.  I have taken to doing my weekly laundry on Friday nights because nobody seems to want to do laundry on Fridays except me, which is handy.  Saturdays and Sundays are, of course, busier.  Somewhere down the road I hope to have a social life, but for now it works fine.

I ended up getting a great night's sleep last night.  I suppose because I was so tired from my terrible night before.  I couldn't read more than a page before my eyes started closing.  Tink woke me at midnight, but I went right back to sleep.  I am so very very grateful that my apartment complex - at least the part where I am - is quiet.  The traffic noise from the freeway is pretty much white noise by now.

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