24 May, 2011

Mmmmmm raspberries

We are lucky here to have strawberries at the grocery store all year 'round, at a (mostly) reasonable price.  Not so with raspberries.  But this past weekend they did have some, they looked great and oh ... they smell incredible!  I have some for breakfast this morning and I am letting them sit in the bowl for a while just so I can enjoy the anticipation of eating them.  Well -- one must take one's pleasures where one can. 

As incredible (there's that word again) as it seems, I had yet another super awesome run yesterday!  I am so happy that it wasn't a fluke!  Right now I am running - not race pace, but just everyday pace - just under 2.5 miles in 30 minutes.  Ultimately, I would like to be running 3 miles in 30 minutes but this is a very lofty goal that I probably could make, but not without some serious training, probably with a professional trainer.  A more realistic goal is perhaps 2.6 miles in 30 minutes.  I'll take it in baby steps.  In the next two weeks then, I'd like to increase my pace enough to hit 2.6 miles in 30 minutes. 

I managed a few rows on the Rondeur last night but Tinkerbell was so needy that I didn't get to knit nearly as much as I had wanted to.  I was very tired and just wanted to work out, watch a little TV and knit and turn in early.  This was not to be.  The phone wouldn't quit ringing, Tink wanted to go out all the time, except when she was on the lanai barking at all of the other dogs having a fine time out walking.  I suppose it's natural for her to be a bit antsy since she spent so much time in the car on Sunday, but it didn't make it any less annoying.  I hope she's not so needy tonight so I can get some serious inches done on this thing.  I want to wear it!

I'm looking forward to the 3-day weekend coming up, even though it's supposed to be raining all weekend.  If I get all my running around and shopping done on Saturday I can have two entire days to myself.  I would like to fiddle with my closets - clean them out and switch out the shoes to the spring/summer ones.  Maybe take an afternoon and finish the Cloisonne Jacket or get closer to finishing the Shining Bird's Eye shawl.  All good choices.  But I still have to make it through this week.  So here we go.

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