26 May, 2011

More than a little embarrassing

It had to happen sooner or later.  This morning was the time.  I was running a little late.  I had a wakeful night last night and didn't get up on time.  Also hay fever is causing my eyes to itch and I am feeling my contacts lenses -  not seeing clearly all the time.  So when  bus came up to the stop at the time my bus was due I didn't look clearly at the number - I glanced up and it looked right.  However, it turned the wrong way and that's when I realized I had gotten on a 346 rather than a 316.  Good thing I had relatively low heels on so I could trudge my way to the next bus stop.  It feels like Friday to me.  Unfortunately.  And tomorrow there is no hitting the snooze button!  I have an appointment for Tinkerbell at the groomer first thing in the morning.  We must be on the road by 7:40 or 7:45.

I have given up hoping for decent weather for the long weekend.  It is just not going to happen.  It will be cloudy and rainy or partly cloudy.  Either way the temperature is unlikely to even break 70, so I am making plans to have a productive long weekend and looking forward to the fundraiser dinner and auction on Tuesday night.  I wanted to wear a specific dress but it is probably going to be too cold for that.  I guess I'll go with plan B. It is also a nice dress but not nearly so cool as the one I wanted to wear.

I have gone to my Twitter feed and deleted tons of stupid feeds and replaced them with every travel feed I could find.  I have six months before I go to Europe ( six loooooong months) and I am going to look for a decent fare between then and now.  Surely I will be able to snatch up something relatively inexpensive since my plans are somewhat flexible. I'll just have to be vigilant and jump on a good fare when I find it.  Gone are the days when I could easily fly round trip to Paris for $600. 

I got some good work on the Rondeur last  night.  Tonight I need to slip the stitches onto a piece of waste yarn and try it on to make sure it is long enough before I start the curved hem.  I hope it fits!

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