11 May, 2011

This is getting annoying!

This is the second day in the row I've woken up 30 minutes before my alarm is due to go off!  On one hand, I'm happy I'm getting such good, restful sleep that I am ready to wake up and get on with the day.  On the other hand ... I am a lazy lazy woman and like to have every second possible to wallow around in bed.  I might need to invest in blackout curtains for my bedroom window.

I had a super awesome run yesterday at lunchtime although still not in my short sleeved shirt.  The clouds moved on in the afternoon and by the time I got home from work it was bright and sunny and warm.  Tink and I had a lovely long walk and not ten minutes into it I wished I had left my coat at home.  It's back to rain this morning, but it was a nice interlude while it lasted.

I have found a crack in my iPhone!  I first noticed something weird when my iPhone dock and alarm clock started giving me a message when I docked the phone at night -- something about the accessory not being for an iPhone.  This is the same type of message I was getting before my previous phone had to be replaced.  And then a few days later I noticed there is a long (relatively) crack at the base of the phone where the plug is for the dock.  Ah ha!  I am not averse to getting the newer iPhone.  I would like the face to face phoning and the built in flash.  But I want the newer white model which, at this time, is $100 more for the 32 gig version (which I have to have).  So I am torn.  How long should I wait?  Should I wait until it breaks or go for the preemptive replacement?

Today a six month countdown starts.  I am planning on going to Europe on my November vacation.  The way Veteran's Day and the Thanksgiving holidays line up this year I can "spend" 8 vacation days and get 17 days off, including weekends.  I am going to meet up with Emma, who now lives in Luxembourg.  I'm not yet sure what we'll do or for how long, but I do know that she's going to want to go to Paris with me, at least for a while.  Other than that, no firm plans.  I am just going and I have six months to make plans and change plans and change yet again.  Time IS a luxury.

I was more in the mood to read last night rather than knit, but I did manage to do another few rounds of the Rondeur.  I tried to take a picture in my office here this morning but it didn't come out very well.  I will give it another go at home tonight.  I am still loving this yarn.  I did get a picture of my finished Green Gable.  It's a little wonky on the dummy, but you get the idea.  And can you see Tink in the background on the floor?  She's a dirty little dog.  She definitely needs a grooming.  I can barely see her eyes!

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