12 May, 2011

Don't ride without your sunglasses

This is my absolute these days, especially as the days get warmer and the layers start peeling from the other riders.  It's a FREAK SHOW!  I can't help but stare so I wear my sunglasses so it's not so obvious (I hope).  I do try not to stare, but it's nearly impossible.  Yesterday a woman came down the aisle and she had stubble.  No, this wasn't a man dressed as a woman.  This was a rather portly female who shaves her lip and chin and hasn't gotten around to it for a few days, it seems!  Then there are the piercings, and the clothing choices and .... there is this guy who wears tennis shoes that are made up of patches of different leather  -- patent and suede and smooth -- in several different pastel colors. All pastel.  I can't get over those ugly shoes.  Its goes on and on.  I just keep plugged in to my iPhone and pretend I'm not there.

After several gorgeous nights of deep sleep I had a terrible night last night.  I figured it out this morning, or I think I have it figured out.  It did feel to me as though I had ingested some caffeine and I am very very careful about not having any coffee or tea after noon (other than herbal) and no caffeinated soft drinks in the afternoon or evening.  I did eat some chocolate after dinner and that must have had just enough caffeine to disturb my sleep.  I have discovered Skinny Cow ice cream cups -- oh they are SO good and only 150 calories!  From now on though, no more chocolate.  It was wicked.  I must have been up four times last night and I was tossing and turning.  Then, of course, I couldn't drag my sorry behind out of the bed when the alarm went off. 

It was pouring rain and cold (again) yesterday.  It was noon knitting so no running anyway, but I got so wet walking Tinkerbell.  And she isn't all that keen on walking when it's raining either, but I have to make her since she doesn't get much exercise except for our walks and a couple games of fetch in the evening.   I woke to sun this morning, which is nice.  I think it's going to be nice today and tomorrow.  Maybe I'll get that run in my short sleeves today.

My arms, shoulders and chest are so sore this morning I can hardly stretch without wincing.  And that is a good thing.

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