05 May, 2011

Just beyond sniffing range

As I suspected, the lilac growing in the garden near the swimming pools is too far away to get a sniff!   It is evident that the gardeners pruned it last spring, which is when you should NOT prune a lilac, and all the buds were snipped from the side closest to the fence except the ones high up.  My best course of action to get some lilacs, or even just get a close up sniff, is going to be scouting around the neighborhood on our walk to the lake this Saturday and/or Sunday.  It's a small window of opportunity and I must jump on it or wait for another year.  That would be bad.

We have a pair of ducks that come visit and paddle around the swimming pools at the apartment.  Just like in the first episodes of the Sopranos.  Some work is being done around the pools -- I can't tell what exactly.  They have removed all of the cement from around both the swimming pools, exposing the pipes and drainage holes.  But even so,  last night the male duck was sitting on the smaller of the two pools.  I would think that the chemicals in the pools would be bad for them, or at the very least be hard on their skin.

After trying out a couple of workout DVDs I seem to have stumbled upon a good one, finally.  The Wii Fitness was a good one to start with, but I quickly found it too easy and couldn't get any soreness.  I tried an EA sports workout and that was a little heavy on the cardio, which since I run isn't that important to me, and lacking in upper body and core work.  I have found that the second EA sports disk is the one for me.  Each 30 minute session has a warm up and cool down and the upper body and core work is tough.  I've even been able to get some soreness in my arms and stomach.  Tink doesn't know how to react when I'm down there moaning and groaning over the sit-up portion of the routine.  I'm pretty happy with my routine.  The EA Sports More Workouts has a six week program and each day of exercises is different, they vary in which part of the body they work and they get tougher as you go on.  Mixed with my running 4 times a week and all the dog walking and I'm shaping up quickly and (relatively) easily. 

Gregg called me last night about the songs we're doing for the open mic later this month.  He had chosen a song I wasn't all that keen on, but since he's playing the instrument(s) I figured it was his call.  He asked me did I want to do the song "Tell Me" and said he had an idea I wasn't feeling it.  I confirmed his feeling and said I'd look for another one we could maybe do.  It's my feeling that at these open mic deals people do too many ballads.  The crowd is noisy and nobody but your closest friends is going to be listening that hard.  I say the best way to get the crowd interested is to do upbeat and fast songs.  That's my goal.

Today is the start of the Weaving Works Mother's Day sale, so Monika and I are going to take a walk up there at lunchtime and see what's on sale.  Last year I didn't find anything I couldn't live without.  That's  not always the case.  And fingers crossed it's not pouring rain.  You  know -- I still have the warm lining in my trench coat!  It's May!!! 

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