16 August, 2011

Could it have been a squirrel?

In my office/yarn room I have a big basket that sits on the floor next to my desk.  It is filled with yarn - partial skeins from projects that I have finished.  One day not too long ago I noticed that it had been disturbed.  At first I thought that it must have been Tink hiding a toy or chewy.  She does that often and most typically by trying to "bury" it on the couch behind a pillow or in the corner.  But when she was a  puppy I had a large plant in the house and she would also try to hide things there, so it wasn't a big jump to assume she was using the yarn basket to hide things.  However, a week or so later on I was moving things around and looked a bit closer at the basket and that's when I noticed that the edges were chewed.  NOT something Tink would do at all and my heart lurched because the first thing I thought was rodents!  Thank goodness there were no tell tale signs, the droppings.  Besides if there was a rodent in that apartment Tink would not rest until it was gone.  This was definitely chewed though ..... then I remembered that I had left the screen open one afternoon when I was out running errands or walking Tinkerbell.  I remember cursing myself for being so careless when I returned.  We also have a large population of squirrels in and around the building and gardens surrounding and I have seen them scaling the sides of the buildings and going onto balconies.  Yes, a squirrel is a rodent but not a rat or a mouse so somehow, to me at least, not as hideous a thought.  And it had to have been when we were out because if Tink had been home alone and there was a squirrel in the apartment it would look like a war zone.  She wants a squirrel more than anything in the world!  Lesson learned and I always check the screen now.

My run yesterday was really good!  All that time off, as I said before, seems to make me super fast on the first day back.  Well ... super fast .... it's all relative.  But I did do my first mile in 11:15.  Not light speed but not bad.  I have my job review today right before lunch.  I hope it doesn't go on for too long because if I get too hungry I can't run at all.

I am nearly done with the mitts for my sister.  Maybe another inch to go and then the thumbs.  I will be glad to get those out of my hair.  I have projects stacked up and waiting but I need to make a pact with myself that I won't start another big project until I finish up that Cloisonne Jacket I started a year ago.  All I need to do is finish the facings and sew them on!  Really, maybe two hours.  Soon it will be chilly enough to wear it and it would be a good transition piece.

Tonight there will be no knitting, for sure.  I am meeting friends for dinner at the Ram.  And it's a gorgeous day.  Maybe it'll be nice enough to sit outside tonight.

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